Processr.IO IoT platform

Complete remote data capture and device management

Processr.IO CLOUD

Start collecting data immediately with everything managed for you.

Processr.IO ON-PREM

Run a local version of our cloud platform, with optional integration with your existing SCADA system.

Water & Sewerage

Use Processr.IO to remotely measure:

  • Water level (either with direct measurement, or using imagery and our AI Agents)
  • Quality (Clarity, Colour, pH etc...)
  • O2 Levels
  • Flow rate / Consumption

Processr.IO can help you to:

  • Detect water leaks or excessive usage
  • Identify local drought potential
  • Control pumps or valves based on local inputs
  • Automatically adjust sampling of any metric (e.g. depending on local weather events)

Other solutions can be tailor made to meet your needs.

AI Agents

Use our flexible Agents which employ a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Image processing to perform tasks including:

  • Level reading water channels using webcam images
  • Determining if a drainage gate is blocked
  • Detecting the presence of vehicles, people and other objects

Bee Monitoring

We're actively working with Bee Scientifics to develop tools and techniques to help improve honey bee health.

  • Remotely measure weight of hives to determine optimum time to harvest honey
  • Monitor any large disturbance (theft or knock-over)
  • Record internal temperature and humidity
  • Aid weak or under-strength hives in thermal regulation


About Us

We're a small Bendigo-based team of Software and Electronic Engineers. With 45+ years of combined experience in providing custom software solutions and products, we have developed successful applications across the fields of biosecurity, emergency management, agribusiness, finance, aviation, and manufacturing.

Our team recognise that customer support is just as important as great software, and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with clients.

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