Welcome to your end-to-end IoT and data processing platform.

  • Use our scalable and secure cloud environment or opt for a private on-premise installation
  • Connect your IoT devices or industrial/environmental sensors and data loggers via DNP3, MQTT, Modbus TCP, HTTP/S, WebSockets, FTP, Email or via custom APIs
  • Securely communicate to via your existing VPN or private 3G/4G network
  • Remotely manage devices over DNP3; make changes manually or respond automatically to external events such as weather or the change of seasons
  • Configure alerts and actions using our flexible processing engine
  • Display live and historical data on dashboards
  • Upload captured images and use our Image AI engine for classification, statuses and alerts
  • Use Processr Bridge to map DNP3 outstations to otherwise incompatible SCADA systems or networks


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